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Helsinki, Finland, September 1-5, 2003


We warmly invite you to participate in ESEC/FSE 2003, the fourth joint meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering. ESEC/FSE 2003 will bring together researchers and practitioners of software engineering to report new innovative research results and exchange experiences related to both traditional and emerging areas in software development. In addition to the technical program, ESEC/FSE 2003 will include a program of tutorials and workshops on current hot topics in software engineering.

We also invite you to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Helsinki is a Nordic, western European city with a highly developed infrastructure and some of the world's leading high-tech capabilities in telecommunications and information technology. The modern technological character of Helsinki is balanced by the richness of its nature: Helsinki is surrounded by sea on three sides, and most of its area is covered by parks and forest. A conference in a city by the sea is a pleasure you simply cannot miss!

The dinner speech by Reino Kurki-Suonio, professor emeritus, Tampere University of Technology, is now available in pdf and ps formats.

See also the updated picture gallery for photos of the conference!

ESEC/FSE 2003 was hosted by Department of Computer Science of University of Helsinki.

Student participation in the conference was especially encouraged through ACM SIGSOFT's CAPS program.

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